MyHeritage DNA Review

Finding the routes of your family history can be very insightful in helping to piece together your family tree and gain a greater understanding of where you come from.

DNA testing is a test that can be carried out to identify the genetic makeup of an individual helping to track down blood relatives.

Thanks to the developments in technology, there are many sites available that provide you with access to historical records and databases.

Impressively, DNA testing can trace the origins of your ancestors back to around 1,000 years.

Conducting a DNA test is often the first step that individuals take before delving into the search of their family background.

What is MyHeritage?

MyHeritage is a leader in the world of DNA testing. Providing an online genealogy platform, it first gained popularity in 2003, however, the genetic testing service itself was launched at a later date in 2016. Using MyHeritage you can explore your family history fast and easily. 

Not only does MyHeritage allow you to search over 1,000 genealogy websites at the same time, but you also have access to around 12.5 million historical records which is going to benefit your genealogy research.

With a particularly strong customer rating and a first-place ranking amongst many genealogy websites, it is likely that you will be satisfied following your investment into this particular site. 

It is important to ensure that you are fully informed of this website. Although it provides a free solution to searching many genealogy sites, you want to ensure that it is worth spending time familiarizing yourself with.

How does the MyHeritage DNA testing kit work?

When you opt for a DNA testing kit, you will receive a swabbing kit which will need to be wiped along the inside of your cheek lightly to attract the cells that can be found inside.

Once you have done so it is important to place this swab straight back into the container that is provided by my heritage to prevent any interference occurring with the results.

Once you send the swabs to the company it is likely that you will only have to wait a small period of time before you begin to see results. 

Impressively, gaining access to your results is rather immersive and simply requires you to log onto their website and access your account where the results can be found.

Your results will be highlighted in the main overview while you can see the DNA matches and ethnicity matches in more detail via another tab if you choose.

While you can upload your DNA testing uploads to the site for free the actual cost of conducting the DNA test does incur a minor charge.

What services does MyHeritage provide?

MyHeritage DNA Health

Aside from the standard DNA testing kit, MyHeritage also now offers a health testing kit which essentially works by providing you with an assessment outlining how your genes may have a potential impact on your health.

As well as providing you with extensive polygenic and monogenic risk reports you will also receive a carrier status report. 

For users who have already purchased the DNA testing kit, they can opt for an upgrade to this health kit without the need to carry out another DNA test. 

The Subscription Service

Alongside the DNA testing kits, impressively, MyHeritage also offers an extensive subscription list which can be broken down into the following categories.

The first is the data subscription service which provides you with access to historical records via SuperSearch and Record Matches. As well as viewing these records, you can also extract certain elements and attach them to your family tree and you can also save them.

The next is the family subscription site which provides you with access to the tools on the MyHeritage site which can help with building your family tree. You can also access the advanced DNA features if you choose.

If you're a little undecided in regards to the subscription service that is better suited to your needs, MyHeritage has you covered with the offer of a complete Subscription service which provides a combination of the features offered by the Data subscription service and the family subscription service.

Users who have purchased the Myheritage DNA health kit can also access the health subscription service providing access to newly released health reports, DNA features, shared matches and ethnicities and much more.

Family Chart Print Service

A service offered by MyHeritage that we are particularly favourable of is the Family chart print service.

After spending time compiling your family tree, what's better than being able to have access to the printed version free of charge. 

Additionally, you may choose to have this printed out to look a little more professional hence why you are provided with the options of high quality paper or a canvas. 

Is MyHeritage Accurate?

If you're looking for tests that provide great accuracy, Myheritage is praised for being the leading platform available.

In fact, the tests conducted by MyHeritage are said to be around 90% accurate helping you to find first and second cousins.

However, despite companies like MyHeritage conducting thorough searches gathering results from different regions and populations, it can be a little difficult to track down every relative. 

If you are looking to trace more distant relatives, you may struggle with achieving such accurate results using MyHeritage.

How long will my test results take to come back?

Receiving your results from MyHeritage only takes around 3-4 weeks so you don't have to wait for a long time to access your results and begin piecing together your family tree.

When compared to many other genealogical platforms Myheritage is praised for having one of the shortest result waiting times. 

Accessing your results is fairly simple too, once you have had an email informing you that they are ready to view, you simply need to log in to your MyHeritage account where your results can be found.

How much does MyHeritage DNA testing cost?

Something that we particularly like about MyHeritage is the free genealogy search that is offered. This allows you to conduct a free search of the many databases that they offer helping you to build your own family site. 

Impressively, if you have already had a test with another provider that isn't MyHeritage, you can upload the DNA data that you have to the site and it will then find your DNA matches free of charge. 

The DNA testing kit itself costs £79, thus providing an affordable way to build your family tree and understand your family origins. MyHeritage is also known for offering regular discounts, so if you do find this original cost to be a little pricey you can always take advantage of these cost reductions when they are available. 

Now when it comes to the subscription services, these are of course slightly pricier than the purchase of a DNA testing kit alone.

The maximum amount that you can expect to spend on these services is £189 depending on the subscription that you opt for, however, this is definitely going to be a worthy purchase for those who are likely to use this service to its greatest capacity. 

Where is MyHeritage available?

MyHeritage started as a small company that was originally set up in a garage, however, it has now developed into a company with availability worldwide.

In fact, they have an estimated 104 million users worldwide. This places them in a preferred position when compared to their competitors who do not yet function at such a large scale.

Regardless of your location, you can access the MyHeritage service. Available in over 40 different languages MyHeritage is one of the most popularly used websites around the world.

The Databases and Records

Thanks to the availability of 12 billion historical documents contained within their huge database, MyHeritage offers a fast and convenient way of diving into your past to learn about your ancestors.

With so many records and resources on offer, you can conduct valuable and in depth research that provides you with a clearer and more detailed understanding of your family history.

Ethnicity Estimate

Impressively, when analyzing your test, MyHeritage provides you with a detailed ethnicity breakdown and an indication of your ancestor's origins from 42 different ethnicities.

You will also receive feedback detailing where both sides of your ancestors originated from and the percentage of your DNA that is from that area.

Ultimately, MyHeritage provides you with a much easier way of narrowing your research to focus on specific areas if you would find this beneficial.

The Data Privacy

For many, the thought of inputting their personal details into a search engine can be a little daunting, where are they going to go and who's going to have access to them?

MyHeritage does not sell or licence any users personal information. They state that it is mainly used for internal business or research purposes and it will never be shared unless limited circumstances require them to do so.  

Therefore you can use MyHeritage with confidence that the data you input into the system is going to be shared unless required for law purposes or particular circumstances.

Elsewise you can be assured that it is predominantly used for business and research purposes. 

The Customer Service

While the website offers some general guidance in regards to payments and your test findings, however, they also offer a phone line which provides fast and free access to help and support as and when you require it. 

The customer service team at MyHeritage receive strong appraisals for their attentiveness to customers concerns and their speed in rectifying customer issues.

Many existing reviews surrounding the company highlight the customer's satisfaction after using the customer service team for help with issues.

What do we like about MyHeritage?

As I'm sure you will agree, there are many advantages of using MyHeritage to carry out your research into your family history.

We have identified aspects of the business and service that we like below. 

  • They have one of the largest databases of historical documents which allows you to conduct thorough and detailed research into your family past.
  • The testing kits are affordable - you will find many genealogy sites that charge 100 pounds for their testing kits, however, MyHeritage ensures that this doesn't mount up to be an expensive search into your family history.
  • If you have already had a DNA test, MyHeritage allows you to input the data from that existing test to gather DNA matches for free.
  • Impressively, MyHeritage identifies 42 different ethnicities and provides comprehensive feedback as to where your ancestors came from. 
  • They have an extremely short waiting period compared to competitors. You can receive your results within a 3-4 week time frame.
  • All of the medical DNA reports are administered by independent, board-certified physicians.
  • The online website provides intuitive resources which allow you to build your own family tree.
  • MyHeritage offers regular discounts on its website which allows users to access the comprehensive resources free of charge.
  • Customers who have already used the MyHeritage service praise the quality and attentiveness of the customer service team who provide great help in rectifying any issues or concerns that you may have. 
  • If you are unable to decide on the subscription service that is going to be better suited to your needs, the company offers a complete subscription so you have access to elements of both.

What are the drawbacks of MyHeritage?

Although the site has a great rating and is deemed to be the leading genealogy testing site available, there are a few drawbacks of the service that they provide which we have highlighted below.

  • Even though the company is praised for their accurate results, it may not be the most accurate tool for users who are hoping to find more distant relatives as the results begin to lose accuracy. 
  • Despite Myheritage offering many free searches alongside paid searches, there may be occasions where you require a data subscription to view these records and resources. 
  • The Health testing that they offer is a fairly new service which means that there aren't a huge amount of user reviews available surrounding their accuracy and feedback etc. 

Should I get a DNA test?

While many would suggest that they can access details surrounding their family roots and history without the use of a DNA test,  it is fair to say that testing of this kind provides a fast and effective way of accessing your genealogical background and family history. 

On the whole, DNA testing is considered to be a fairly accurate way of tracing your family. It is important to select a DNA testing service that has a favourable reputation surrounding its name. This eliminates the risk of your genetic sample becoming compromised in the process which is more than likely to be the result of a low quality testing facility. 

Of course, the results may differ between platforms, however, on the whole, testing of this kind can be an intriguing and insightful way of gaining comprehensive detailed feedback of your family history. 

Conclusion - Is MyHeritage worth it?

Praised for offering the most accurate DNA test available, MyHeritage is a great choice if you're looking for accurate and comprehensive feedback at an affordable price.

Many features make this company a stand out option against competitors on the market. From their customer service to their test waiting times and the databases that they offer they have all of the resources that you require to delve into the origins of your family history. 

MyHeritage also offers a great range of services from the DNA and health testing kits themselves to the multiple subscription services that allow you to choose the best for your needs. 

Impressively, MyHeritage also offers a detailed ethnicity estimate and feedback and also provides a new health test which informs you of any genetic variants that you carry and the potential impact that these genes may have on your health.

The MyHeritage website also caters to users in many different locations. As a worldwide available platform, it offers its services in many different languages so everyone can make use of the service that they provide. 

There are a few drawbacks to pinpoint too. While the online system provides an immersive way of accessing your results without having to wait for a long time, some may find the data dashboard to be a little complex.

The service is also largely subscription based, so while you can conduct your initial searches free of charge, to gain access to these resources you are often required to sign up to a subscription and while some are free, others incur a fee which may make this process a little more costly in the long run.

Ultimately, if you are looking for a largely accurate site that provides you with access to many historical records and search engines, MyHeritage is likely to be the appropriate choice for you.

With an impressive overall rating and approval from existing customers, they provide detailed and accurate feedback along with many useful resources.

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