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If tracking your family history or genealogy is something that interests you, you might have used a home DNA testing service to try and find out more about your unique genetic code.

You’ll receive your results in the form of Raw DNA, as this is what makes up your individual genotype. This information can be used to track your genetic history in a number of ways. 

Many people choose to undergo DNA testing so they can upload their raw DNA and GEDCOM data to an upload site, where they can find DNA matches, build their own family tree, or try to reconnect with lost relatives. 

People who were adopted and want to find out more information about their biological family can also use the site databases to track down or contact their birth parents, and some sites allow you to get in touch with your DNA matches either through their site or via email. 

For anyone who doesn’t already know, Genealogical Data Communication (GEDCOM) is a standard type of computer file format that can be universally read and is commonly used to exchange genealogical data using various different genealogy software programs. 

Basically, this means that if you’ve used a different DNA website to test your DNA and you’ve started to build a family tree on that site, you can import this information to a new website, although only certain companies offer this. 

It can then be analyzed and compared with other DNA in the new website’s database for additional analysis, to hopefully provide you with more information and to widen the scope of potential familial DNA matches. 


Advances in technology mean there are now a number of different ways to collect your raw DNA data.

Most DNA tests comprise a simple mouth swab, from which your DNA data can be collected and analyzed to find out all sorts of information.

From ethnicity to your ancestors’ geographical location throughout history, there’s a lot you can learn. 

AncestryDNA is one of the most popular genetic testing companies that exclusively look at autosomal DNA. You can use your results to connect with other DNA matches with people who have also taken the AncestryDNA test.

But what if potential matches used another site and uploaded their results to a different database? 

Luckily, most DNA testing sites now allow you to upload third-party GEDCOM data on their websites for further analysis, which is great if you’re one of the millions of people who wanted to find out more about their hereditary information and used AncestryDNA to do it. 

We’ve identified some of the best Ancestry raw DNA and GEDCOM upload sites and reviewed the ones that offer this service for free. 

Uploading Sites

Ancestry DNA

Accepts raw data: No

Offers DNA testing: yes, priced £99

What we like about them: 

While it doesn’t accept any raw data uploads from third-party companies, you can upload the results from your AncestryDNA directly to their own website to make the most of the services they have to offer. 

An interactive ethnicity map allows you to visualize your DNA results and highlights areas on the map to demonstrate where clusters of ethnicity groups can be found.

They can trace your genetic history back hundreds or even thousands of years and the results are not limited to your maternal or paternal line thanks to their autosomal DNA testing. 

It’s easy to upload your AncestryDNA results to your family tree by clicking on the settings tab on the personal status page, and choosing to link the two, although you can’t link more than one tree to your DNA results using this site. 

Family Tree DNA

Accepts raw data: Yes, from Ancestry DNA, 23andMe, MyHeritage 

Offers DNA testing: Yes, priced £59-£199

What we like about them: 

Family Tree DNA excels in tracing your DNA back as far as it can go. It’s great for anyone who really wants to delve into the history of their genealogy thanks to the AncientOrigins feature, recently added as part of their Family Finder. 

There’s also an option to create or upload your family tree which is useful for comparing your DNA matches.

Using the Family Matcher feature, you can identify DNA matches that sort them into paternal or maternal for your convenience. 

Family Tree DNA provides a myOrigins feature to break down ethnic and geographical data, which is similar to that available on AncestryDNA and 23andMe. 

However, it provides less ‘accuracy’ in terms of ethnicity DNA testing due to the analysis depending on certain reference populations, as this is how it gathers its data.

This means that people with certain ethnic origins may find it less ‘accurate’ than others.  


Accepts raw data: Yes, from Ancestry DNA, Family Tree DNA, 23andMe, LivingDNA

Offers DNA testing: Yes, priced £59-£79

What we like about them: 

By accepting raw data uploads from external sources, MyHeritage sets itself apart from other DNA testing companies.

If you’re close to giving up on finding any DNA matches because you haven’t found any using other sites, MyHeritage might be just the upload site for you. 

It has a European majority customer base which means you’re more likely to match with relatives overseas by uploading your ancestry raw DNA to this site and using their database to compare results. 

Its database is less populated than other uploading sites, for example, AncestryDNA, with approximately 2 million people rather than the 10 million you’ll find with more established sites.

Unlike Family Tree DNA, the Ethnicity Estimate feature requires payment to use, as do some of the other features MyHeritage has to offer.

However, you can upload your raw DNA and GEDCOM data for free and you’ll have access to MyHeritage, which allows you to see your DNA matches and communicate with them online. 

LivingDNA / Find My Past

Accepts raw data: Yes, from Ancestry DNA, Family Tree DNA, 23andMe, MyHeritage

Offers DNA testing: Yes, priced £99

What we like about them: 

For anyone specifically interested in comparing their raw DNA with British databases, Living DNA is a British testing company that provides in-depth information about your ancestors’ geographical location. 

It has 21 sub-regional categories just in the British Isles and an impressive Relative Finder will help find DNA matches up to 13 degrees of relatedness.

It can also be used to search for historical context regarding the migration of your ancestors, mapping their dispersion throughout history. 

Uploading your ancestry raw DNA and GEDCOM data is easy with Living DNA so you can conveniently transfer an existing family tree that you may have started using a different site.

This allows you to continue growing your family tree, and you can utilize the site’s historical databases for an extra £19.95 with their World Subscription. 


Accepts raw data: Yes, from Ancestry DNA, Family Tree DNA, 23andMe, MyHeritage

Offers DNA testing: No.

What we like about them: 

GEDmatch offers one of the largest databases for comparing and matching ancestry raw DNA. The non-profit company focuses on genetic genealogy, but unlike its competitors, it doesn’t offer a DNA testing kit. 

You can upload your GEDCOM data to analyze the family tree you created on a different site, and the Family Finder feature allows you to search for and reconnect with family members for free.

You won’t have to go through the platform’s communication channels as matches’ email addresses are provided for you to get in contact should you wish to.  

The latest software version, GEDmatch Genesis, provides multiple tools for users to search for common ancestors and relatives through DNA matching.

It also features the ability to read your admixture which will examine your ethnic roots in a way similar to an ethnicity estimate. 

While this is the perfect site for professional genetic genealogists, its advanced tools mean it’s slightly more complicated than others which can be confusing for less advanced users.

Final Thoughts

The problem with DNA testing is that the test itself can be quite expensive to take.

It’s true that AncestryDNA boasts a database with nearly 10,000 users, but there’s still a chance that familial matches are waiting for you to connect with on a different site.

If you’ve already spent money on getting your results and you want to upload this information to a different upload site, it’s unlikely you’ll want to spend much more.

Some sites don’t even allow you to do this, and paying for DNA test results from different companies just to access their databases will quickly add up.

Luckily, a lot of uploading sites have realized that by allowing users to upload their AncestryDNA raw DNA and GEDCOM data, they’ll expand their databases and bring more users to their site. 

Some companies charge for this service and others only allow you to access more advanced tools if you pay a fee. However, the sites we’ve reviewed in this article will let you upload your results totally free of charge!

The best free site for you to upload your raw DNA and GEDCOM data will depend on what exactly you’re hoping to get out of this process, and we hope that we’ve been able to demonstrate some of the key differences between these free upload sites. 

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