DNA Worldwide Review

DNA Worldwide has more than 200 leading industry specialists backed up by a dedicated customer care team.

Not only that, but it is also the only company on the market that claims 100% accuracy for all its testing kits. 

From offering paternity testing, all the way to drug testing, we’ve decided to dig a little deeper to discover if DNA Worldwide lives up to all of their claims.

Interested? Just keep reading for our DNA Worldwide review. 

We’ve covered the company background, their impressive portfolio of kits, and how trustworthy they are, so you can decide if they’re right for you. Let’s start!

DNA Worldwide Overview

DNA Worldwide Group is a DNA testing company that was founded in 2004, in the United Kingdom.

They’re a company that offers a variety of different testing, although they do specialize in hair drug & alcohol testing. Their main aim is to provide their users with an extensive range of at-home and legal DNA testing solutions.

They also offer forensic testing, expert witness services, and relevant education. 

Demonstrating their reputability, they are partnered with ISO:17025 certified Eurofins Genomics laboratory and hold an ISO 9001:2008 certification. They exceed all UK and international requirements (including the USA) in regards to testing quality and customer service. 

What Does DNA Worldwide Offer

DNA Worldwide offers an impressively vast range of DNA testing solutions.

To help simplify their extensive catalog, below, we’ve provided you with a mini-review of each type of DNA test that DNA Worldwide offers. 

1. At-home relationship tests

DNA Worldwide offers plenty of at-home relationship tests. These tests are designed to establish whether or not there is a shared biological relationship between the tested individuals and are intended to be used for peace of mind purposes.

In other words, these tests cannot be used in a court of law to provide legal evidence, and will not be accepted as sufficient information with any other government institution. Regardless of the type of test, each procedure follows the usual direct-to-customer model. This means that, upon purchasing, the company will provide you with your very own at-home testing kit which will contain everything needed to provide a DNA sample.

 As soon as the kit arrives at your address, you’ll be able to collect the necessary DNA samples (usually via a cheek swab) and then mail them back to the lab for further processing. When lab technicians finish extracting and comparing the DNA samples, you’ll receive your final report. The types of At-Home Tests DNA Worldwide offers are as follows:

At-Home Paternity Test

The At-Home Paternity Test is designed to establish whether or not there is a father-child relationship. It checks a minimum of 21 genetic markers and checks the results twice in order to ensure 100% accuracy.

The sample is taken by swabbing the inner part of your cheeks, putting the sample into the pre-paid postage envelope, and then sending them to the laboratory. You can take the test from the comfort of your own home, and the results will be made available to you within 3-5 business days.

You can also track the progress of your test online, and you’ll have access to customer support, too. 

At-Home Maternity Test

The maternity test is the exact same as the paternity test and checks 21 markers twice, except it is designed to establish whether there is a biological relationship between a child and the alleged mother.

It follows the same process as the paternity test, and the sample is taken by swabbing the inner part of the cheeks, placing the sample into the postage envelope, and then mailing it back to the laboratory.

As this is a test intended for peace of mind only, it can be taken from the comfort of your own home. The results will be available for you to view within 3-5 business days, and you can track the progress of your test online. 

At-Home Sibling DNA Testing

Just like the maternity and paternity test, this testing option also checks 21 genetic markers and is performed twice for complete accuracy. The results, however, take a bit longer (5-10 business days) as opposed to 3-5 days.

Sibling DNA testing by Worldwide DNA can examine up to 3 individuals, the alleged siblings and the parent, and can be taken from different locations around the world.

Worldwide DNA offers 3 types of genetic tests that can prove the potential relationship between siblings, which are: full sibling vs. half-sibling (which establishes whether 2 individuals share just one or both parents) half-sibling vs. unrelated, which establishes whether 2 individuals share at least one parent) and full sibling vs. unrelated, which establishes whether 2 individuals share both biological parents or not. 

At-Home Aunt or Uncle DNA Testing

The next type of test that can be taken from a home is an Aunt or Uncle Test. This test checks up to 68 genetic markers, is run twice to ensure accuracy, and covers up to 3 participants.

The results are provided within 5-10 workdays and they feature a 99.9% accuracy when confirming a biological relationship and 100% when not taking it into consideration.

At-Home Identical Twin Testing

Just like the home test that checks for an aunt or uncle relationship, this test also offers a 99.9% accuracy for positive results and 100% if it’s excluded.

21 markers are checked twice, and the results are usually available within 3-5 working days on the company’s secure online portal.

At-Home Grandparent Testing

When it comes to this test, you’ll have two options to choose from. For starters, DNA Worldwide offers a single grandparent testing DNA analysis that will check whether one grandparent is related to a grandchild and parent, and offers a 90% accuracy rate.

In contrast, the duo grandparent’s DNA analysis will include both grandparents being tested for one grandchild and one parent. The accuracy rate will be higher than 99.99%.

2. Legal relationship tests 

Legal relationship tests are very similar to at-home tests, the only difference is that they are accepted as evidence in a court of law.

Government institutions also accept them as satisfactory, reliable information with regards to changing a birth certificate or name.

DNA Worldwide’s legal relationship tests are (at the time of writing) as follows:

Legal Paternity Test

The Legal Paternity Test is ideal for those who need to provide paternity in a court of law, change a name on a birth certificate, or even for child custody reasons.

As it is a legal test, DNA Worldwide requires a DNA sample to be taken by a professional doctor, nurse, or a sampler. After the test has been ordered, you will be appointed a dedicated case manager who will support you throughout the process, and you’ll be required to arrange an appointment with your nurse or sampler.

After the sample is taken, it’ll be sent off to the lab, and the results will be made available to you within 3-5 business days. 

Legal Prenatal Non-Invasive

Another test that DNA Worldwide offers is a Legal Prenatal Non-Invasive test. It is the world’s most advanced test of its kind and is designed to help you figure out who the biological father is before the child has been born.

Just like the Legal Paternity Test, an approved doctor, nurse, or sampler will need to take your sample and will consist of taking a blood vial from the mother and a mouth swab from the alleged father.

This type of test is intended for use after 11 weeks of gestation, to allow enough time for the DNA of the child to be found in the blood of the mother. Results will be available within 10-12 days.

Legal Prenatal CVS

The Legal Prenatal CVS Test is another kind of paternity test that can help to determine who the biological father is before the child is born. 

DNA Worldwide’s dedicated fetal medicine centers in London focuses solely on prenatal DNA testing and conducts thousands of Legal prenatal paternity tests per year. In order to complete the test, a genetic sample using CVS or Amniocentesis and a mouth swab sample from both the mother and the alleged father is needed.

In order to ensure the validity of the results and meet the requirements of a legal relationship test, the DNA samples of all individuals involved must be collected by a professional doctor, accredited sampler, or nurse.

They cannot be self-administered. Therefore, after ordering your test online and paying your deposit, you’ll receive a dedicated care manager that will be appointed to guide you through the entire process. 

Your personal DNA testing kit will be sent to an approved medical practitioner in your area and an appointment will be made for a test at your home or in the clinic.

After collecting the DNA samples, the company’s courier will pick them up and send them to the lab for analysis. All you’ll have to do is then wait for your results to be sent back to you. It’s as easy as that.  

3. Immigration tests

The next type of DNA testing offered by DNA Worldwide is Immigration testing. Designed specifically for Visa and Passport applications, each test is UKBA approved in over 200 countries.

One of the most popular Immigration tests that DNA Worldwide offers is Immigration Paternity Testing. For maximum accuracy, it looks at a minimum of 21 markers and is run twice for 100% accuracy.

Just like legal testing, it requires a DNA sample to be taken by a professional doctor, nurse, or accredited sampler, and cannot be self-administered. Results are issued within 3-5 working days. DNA Worldwide also offers additional Immigration tests, including:

Immigration Maternity Testing

DNA Worldwide’s Immigration Maternity Test is suitable to be used in a court of custody, for Visa appeals, Immigration applications, and passport requests.

In order to ensure accuracy, this maternity DNA test looks at a minimum of 21 markers, and it is run twice for 100% accuracy. 

It requires a DNA sample to be taken by a professional doctor, nurse, or accredited sampler, and cannot be taken at home, by yourself. After the sample is sent back to the lab for testing, the test results will be issued within 3-5 working days. 

Immigration Sibling Testing

The Immigration Sibling DNA Test is suitable for use as evidence to prove a biological relationship between two siblings in a court of law/custody, and for both Visa and Immigration Applications.

This Sibling DNA Test from DNA Worldwide checks a minimum of 21 markers and tests twice to ensure 100% accuracy. Like the other Immigration tests, the sample needs to be taken by a nurse, doctor, or accredited sampler, and cannot be self-administered. The results will be made available to view online within 3-5 working days. 

Plus, to help make the process as simplified and stress-free as possible, DNA Worldwide offers a super speedy service. As soon as you have made the order, you’ll be given the option to include more than three people in the test, and you can even carry the test out in different locations around the world.

You’ll be appointed a care manager who will support you throughout the entire process, and the kit will be sent straight to the approved sampler or doctor. An appointment will then be made (either at home or a chosen surgery) and the samples will be collected by a courier to be taken to the lab. 

4. Hair-related tests

DNA Worldwide also offers hair testing. They’re suitable to be used in a court of law and are used to determine if a known drug user has stopped taking drugs.

In order to get a result, a hair sample is required to be taken by a professional doctor, nurse, or an accredited sample. The hair sample cannot be self-administered. As soon as the sample has been taken, collections can be arranged within 72 hours and will be ready within 3-7 days (although it may take a little longer for more complex drugs).

DNA Worldwide will provide a detailed report, exploring possible reasons for the result.

DNA Worldwide’s lab workers do this by establishing whether drug metabolites (which are the parts of the drug that are produced by the body when the drug has been taken) are found inside the shaft of the hair, and to what level.

5. Ancestry test

Worldwide DNA offers a 3-in-1 Ancestry Test that consists of a Family Ancestry Test, Father line Ancestry Test, and Motherline Ancestry Test.

It looks at your recent ancestry from both sides of your family in detail and breaks your ancestry down across 80 worldwide regions.

If you choose this test, you’ll also receive free lifetime updates to your family ancestry results, as new research and population groups are added to the platform. 

Privacy And Security

This leads us to our next point: your privacy and security. DNA Worldwide is a reputable company that is highly committed to protecting the privacy of all of its users.

Their Privacy Policy is very rigid when it comes to any case of providing certain information that can positively identify you as an individual. In other words, they do not share your information with any third parties.

DNA Worldwide ensures that all information is safeguarded. The company will never distribute, or sell your personal information to third parties without your explicit permission or unless required to do so by law.

Having said that, it’s worth noting that they do gather data for their marketing emails, and for contacting you for market research purposes (mainly your email address). However, this is pretty standard for all companies, and you have the right to opt-out if you wish. 

Shipping and Handling

DNA Worldwide sends its test kits via FedEx without any shipping or return charges for orders within the UK.

DNA Worldwide does ship internationally, although you will be responsible for any customs charges and taxes applied once the delivery reaches its destination. DNA Worldwide has no control over these potential extra expenses and cannot predict their amount.

Therefore, if you do not live in the United Kingdom and would like to place an order with Worldwide DNA, we recommend first contacting your local customs office to get a rough estimate of how much you might have to pay when the parcel is shipped and arrives. 

Final Thoughts

After extensively researching this company, we can certainly see why DNA Worldwide is one of the leading DNA testing companies! 

Not only do they offer an impressive variety of high-quality testing solutions, but they’re also the only DNA testing company that we have come across that tests their samples twice. 

They offer fantastic customer support and even assign care managers for certain tests. DNA Worldwide also analyzes all samples in accredited labs in order to ensure 100% accuracy. Although, not all of their tests carry the ‘100% accuracy’ claim, which could be deemed misleading to some. 

All in all, though, we definitely recommend DNA Worldwide. Their company values are founded upon personal care, reliability, and true integrity, and this can certainly be seen from their vast range of tests and the quality of their accredited laboratories.

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