Best Raw DNA Data Upload Sites

Raw DNA refers to your genotype and is data that is unique to you. It is commonly used to identify genetic relatives or access genetic reports.

Many DNA testing sites will allow individuals to upload their raw DNA data that they have already collected from third party DNA services to their sites for additional analysis and interpretations.

Others will also allow you to download your data so that you can upload it to other sites although this may require an additional cost.

Most sites offer this service free of charge and once you have downloaded and accessed your data you can then choose to do what you want with it.

Below, we have identified three of the main categories of DNA testing and the best raw DNA data upload sites.

Raw DNA Upload Sites for Family Ancestry

Established in 2003, MyHeritage is an online genealogy platform.

They offer a DNA service with an expansive database and records from European countries. Originally, MyHeritage was created to help users find their family trees while providing access to international record databases. 

If you or your family have had your DNA tested previously by a different provider, MyHeritage offers a new DNA tab which allows you to import your raw data to the website free of charge.

In fact, MyHeritage accepts raw DNA data uploads from both 23andMe and Ancestry without a charge.

GEDmatch which was founded in 2010, is an online genetic genealogy service that compares DNA testing files from different DNA testing companies to help you track down family members and learn more about your family history. 

Gedmatch allows you to upload raw DNA data collected from other DNA testing results such as AncestryDNA to find potential relatives amongst their users who share the same DNA.

Unlike the majority of DNA testing companies, GEDmatch does not provide a DNA testing kit on the website, therefore you are required to use your raw DNA data obtained by third party services to this platform.

Family Tree DNA was set up in 1999 and utilizes DNA testing to identify possible relationships between individuals.

The service uses your autosomal DNA to calculate your relationship with potential matches based on the amount of DNA that you share. 

This company allows its users to upload their raw data from other DNA providers as well as downloading the DNA data to use on other service providers.

If you have already had your DNA tested by other test providers including 23andMe, MyHeritage, and Ancestry DNA you can upload this raw data directly to Family Tree DNA.

Living DNA is a UK based online genealogy platform that specializes in DNA testing and analysis.

Providing comprehensive ancestry analysis, Living DNA is a great service for those wanting to explore their DNA ancestry and history. 

This platform allows you to upload your raw DNA data that has been collected from third party services to their platform free of charge.

They also offer an opt in service for those who want to access their family matching service. For an additional charge, you can also visit their store page to purchase a breakdown of your results.

Raw DNA upload sites for Health Reports

DNAfit was founded in 2013 and is a platform offering diet and training plans based on your genetics.

The DNA test itself uses a swab and can provide an insight into your body's response to your diet and exercise. The use of genetic testing intends to improve the health and outlook of many individuals. 

This service allows users to upload their raw DNA data from third party sites including Ancestry, MyHeritage and 23andMe.

After doing so, users can then access diet and health plans at a reduced charge.

Vitagene was established in 2014 and is a service that analyzes your ancestral heritage through DNA health testing to gain an understanding regarding the impact that this has upon your nutrition and health.

This company aims to inform its users to make improved life choices by analyzing their genetic information.

This company accepts raw DNA data collected from other DNA testing sites including 23andMe, MyHeritage and AncestryDNA. As a result, you can then gain access to the health testing reports.

Founded in 2006, 23andME is a genetics and biotechnology company that utilizes qualitative genotyping.

The service provides a visualization of your genetic relatives and family history through family trees. 23andME also offers health testing which is used to determine the likeliness of you having a health condition. 

23andMe allows users to upload their raw DNA data gathered from other platforms to their website in return for a free ancestry composition report and health reports.

This website also allows its users to download their data to upload it onto other third party platforms if they choose.

Futura Genetics is a leading company in lifestyle and healthcare genetic testing. They offer a non invasive test that assesses your risk of developing some of the most common health conditions.

This includes lung, breast and bladder cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and Melanoma. They aim to provide their users with a simple but accessible way of understanding their DNA data. 

This company allows their users to upload raw DNA data, however, this is specifically targeted towards 23andMe users. If you have already completed the 23andMe DNA test and accessed your results, you can then upload this raw data straight onto the Futura Genetics website.

Impressively, you can receive your results within ten minutes.

Raw DNA upload sites for nutrition and wellness

Genopalate was founded in 2016 and is a service that provides its users with an understanding of nutritional science based on genetic information.

The testing can focus upon specific aspects such as your metabolism or digestion. Based on your results, the company will then provide you with nutritional recommendations and recipes.

Although Genopalate allows users to upload raw data to their platform from other third party services to gather analysis if you use the DNA testing kit offered by their website they do not allow their users to download the raw DNA data and upload it to other providers.

Established in 1995, HomeDNA uses DNA testing to help users improve their quality of life and discover family ancestry.

The at home DNA tests can provide users with a greater understanding of their health and wellness.

HomeDNA allows users to upload raw DNA data that has already been collected by sites including 23andMe, Ancestry or Family Tree DNA to gather further detailed analysis regarding your DNA results.

Founded in 2014, Athletigen utilizes genetics to understand the impact that they have upon human health focusing upon the DNA of athletes in particular.

After testing, users of this service can then access a free short report outlining their genetic analysis and life choices that would be beneficial on performance, nutrition and recovery. 

Athletegine allows you to upload your raw DNA data to your account. This can be downloaded from sites including 23andMe, or Ancestrydna and then once you have done so, you can pay for the data analysis carried out by Atheltigene.

Genomelink is a DNA data uploading and analysis service which provides its users with insights into their nutrition, personality and fitness.

This discovery tool allows its users to learn more about their DNA through genomic science. 

This company allows its users to upload raw DNA data already gathered from other DNA testing sites including 23andMe, MyHeritage and Ancestry.

They also provide you with the first 100 genetic trait analysis reports free of charge.

Final Thoughts

There are many sites available that allow their users to upload raw DNA data that has previously been collected from third party DNA testing websites.

It is important to note that while many sites will allow you to upload your raw DNA data, few allow users to download their raw DNA data from their website to be used elsewhere for further analysis. 

Uploading your raw DNA data to other testing sites besides the one that you originally conducted the test on allows you to gain additional analysis and knowledge concerning your results. You may also find new matches on their databases. 

While many DNA testing sites will allow you to upload your raw data for free for others this may come at a small cost. However, most sites will allow you detailed reporting surrounding your results in return.

You will also find that many sites allow you to upload your raw data from specific third party testing sites. Most commonly these sites are 23andMe, AncestryDNA or MyHeritage. Some testing sites have programmes in place in conjunction with these third party sites which makes the process of uploading your results simple and stress free. You will likely receive your results in a short time frame too. 

Each category of DNA test sites from Ancestry, Health and Wellness and Nutrition offer a range of testing sites that allow users to upload their raw DNA data. 

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