Assure DNA Review

The journey between deciding to do a DNA test and becoming overwhelmed by the sheer amount of DNA tests available on the market right now is very short. 

Assure DNA claims to offer something different. Assure DNA offers Wellbeing based DNA that they say can help you understand your body more and help you live a longer and healthier life. 

Is this really the case? Well, let's dig a little deeper...

Who is Assure DNA

Assure DNA is a DNA assessing company based in Norwich, England. They currently offer four well being inspired by DNA tests and are in the process of introducing one more and a line of personalized supplements. 

Assure refers to their tests as 'lifestyle DNA' tests. This differs from the classic ancestry DNA test that we are so used to seeing these days. 

Assure DNA's aim in their own words: 

'With just a mouth swab, we can help you discover how your genes affect your diet, nutritional requirements, skin health, oestrogen levels, and, with a stool sample, your gut health.

This information allows you to make simple, positive lifestyle adjustments, and take back control of your own health, living healthier and feeling good.' 

Assure DNA is a subsidiary of Nkaarocco Diagnostics Limited who is another Norwich based DNA laboratory. 

What Products Do They Offer?

Assure DNA does offer quite a unique range of products.

They currently offer four different DNA Tests. They also have a fifth test in development, as well as a range of supplements. 

Vitamins, Antioxidants & Minerals Test kit

It's really difficult to understand what an important role vitamins and minerals play in our day to day health until become deficient in one of them. Lots of tests only check for only one deficiency at a time, this test can offer you a wider look at your body's balance. 

Vitamins and Antioxidants generally can't be naturally produced by the body, however, they play a potential role in almost every bodily function. They are easy for most people to introduce into their diet, the difficult part is working out which vitamins you're missing. That's where this test comes in.  

This test measures 4 main gene markers: 

Oxidative Stress & Detoxification - examines the genes that fight free radicals and their effectiveness at flushing out toxins 

Omega-3 - examines the genes that produce inflammatory cytokines and OMEGA-3 in order to make recommendations regarding OMEGA-3 intake.

Detoxification - examines the genes responsible for triggering detoxification and their effectiveness at screening for toxins. 

Vitamin B & D metabolism - examines the genes responsible for producing and regulating the metabolism of vitamins A & B.  

Weight & Diet Test kit

This kit is designed for two groups of people. Those looking to lose weight and those who are looking to maintain a healthy body weight (Assure seems to think this would be particularly helpful for people tackling eating disorders). 

We all understand that these two goals can be difficult to achieve - Assure DNA claims that by understanding your DNA better you will be able to adjust your lifestyle and achieve these goals with ease. 

With the test results Assure DNA will include personalized lifestyle tips to help you achieve your weight-related goals. 

This test measures three main gene markers: 

Refine Carbohydrates - examines genes for sensitivity to refined carbohydrates, this sensitivity can lead to blood glucose levels and a higher likelihood of weight gain. 

SATURATED FATS SENSITIVITY - examines how sensitive key genes are to saturated fats. This sensitivity affects how well our bodies absorb and breakdown fats. 

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY EFFECTS - by examing gene markers this test can work out what levels of exercise you should be doing to lose weight or to maintain body mass.  

Skin & Healthy Ageing Test Kit

When our diet and lifestyle plays such an important role in our skins ageing process, understanding what factors you're genetically vulnerable to has never been more important. 

This testing kit can provide you with a greater understanding of how your skin works and how it responds to external factors. Knowing if you're genetically vulnerable to UV rays, tobacco or salt can allow you to adjust your lifestyle and diet to give yourself more youthful skin, naturally. 

This test examines 4 main gene markers:

SKIN STRUCTURE AND AGEING - this examine the genes that are responsible for collagen and elastin production, and how effecting they are. 

ADVANCED GLYCATION END PRODUCTS (AGES) - examins genes for sensitivity to refined carbohydrates. These sensitivities can affect the skin's health, leading to premature ageing, wrinkles, and a vulnerability to oxidative stress. 

OXIDATIVE STRESS, DETOXIFICATION, AND INFLAMMATION - this examines the gene responsible for blocking harmful UV rays, as well as genes responsible for causing inflammation and triggering detoxification. 

VASCULAR TONE AND WATER RETENTION - shows how your vascular tone and blood pressure can be affected by factors like tobacco, processed food, and salt.  

Estro Test Kit

Oestrogens are a key natural hormone that helps women to maintain a healthy reproductive system.

Many infertility and post-menopausal issues stem from Oestrogen deficiencies. For women, Oestrogen also plays a key part (in combination with Vitamin D) in building and maintaining bone density. 

Being aware of one's oestrogen level can make a big impact throughout a woman's life. This test has been developed to help women gain a better understating of what is happening inside of their bodies. Equipping them will this knowledge can help them adjust their lifestyle and tackle Oestrogen related health issues.

This test examines 4 main gene markers: 

Oestrogen Metabolism - examines the main genes responsible for Oestrogen production and metabolism 

Oxidative Stress & Detoxification - examines the genes that fight free radicals and their effectiveness at flushing out toxins 

Refine Carbohydrates - examines genes for sensitivity to refined carbohydrates, this sensitivity can lead to blood glucose levels and a higher likelihood of weight gain. 

Lipids Metabolism - examins the genes responsible for lipid production, these control your cholesterol levels in the body 

*Coming Soon* Digestive Test Kit

Assure DNA have announced that they will soon be offering a Digestive Test Kit: 

'Understanding the delicate balance of microorganisms within your gut can help you make positive changes to achieve a healthy, happy lifestyle.'

This test will look at the microorganisms in the gut of the user and offer guidance on how they can adjust their diet and lifestyle to improve their gut health. Many factors can hinder gut health, like sensitivity to caffeine, FODMAP sugars, or acidic foods.  

*Coming Soon* Assure DNA Supplements

Assure DNA have announced that they will soon be offering a range of Supplements 

'What, how, and when we eat is inextricably linked to our weight, diet, and overall health and wellbeing. Let Nkaarco Diagnostics help you live well and feel good.' 

Assure are currently being quite vague about what this supplement range will entail - we imagine it will be designed to pair their Vitamins DNA tests. 


Here is a breakdown of the costs of each test currently available from Assure DNA 

  • Vitamins, Antioxidants & Minerals Test kit - £99
  • Weight & Diet Test kit - £99
  • Skin & Healthy Ageing Test Kit - £99
  • Estro Test Kit - £99

We have seen these prices change over time, getting both higher and lower. 

Testing Procedure

Assure DNA promises their DNA tests are pain-free, non-invasive procedures that take only a few minutes to complete. 

When you have purchased one of their tests Assure DNA will post you a testing kit that contains two mouth swabs and a set of instructions. You will be required to rub each of the swabs on the inside of your mouth, in order to collect buccal cells. The whole procedure should take less than five minutes. 

Once the laboratory has received your test you should expect your results within 10 working days. Assure DNA does state on their website that this turn around may be slowed down if you submit more than one test at once.* 

*We have noticed that Assure DNA advertise next working day results in some places on their website, as well as results in 10 working days. So you may get your results even faster.  

One DNA sample can be used for multiple tests. 

What Do They Do With My Data After the Test? 

Your DNA and data are protected by both the UK data protection policy and GDPR rules. Your results are stored under an anonymous ID. Only the genes relevant to your requested test are tested by Assure DNA. 

Your test swabs are destroyed after four weeks. Your extracted DNA is destroyed after six months, and your test results are destroyed after a year unless you request otherwise. 

User Experience

Unlike other DNA testing companies, there is no app or interactive online method in which Assure displays their results. Results can be received in the post as a printed booklet or via email as a PDF. 

This is probably the most appropriate way to display the results of these kinds of well being themed DNA tests. Results are professionally formatted, clear, and easy to understand. 

Customer Reviews

Assure DNA has 100% 5-star ratings on Trust Pilot which is very impressive, and rare. 

Customers repeated praise Assure for the following things: 

  • The simple testing procedure 
  • How quickly they received their results  
  • How in-depth their results were 
  • How they've been able to act on the clear advise from Assure 

No reviews for any of the tests exist outside of Trust Pilot.  

Final Thoughts 

Assure DNA offers some really unique DNA tests, and appear to have the intent of improving the lives of their customers. They are a well-reviewed company that offers speedy and reliable results. 

On top of these results, they also offer practical advice to show their customers how to apply the results of their tests to their everyday lives. 

Whilst we think some of these tests could offer people a lot of value in their day-to-day life, there are others that we think are just there to make the company money. We'll go through each test one by one below. 

These tests are on the more expensive side when it comes to DNA tests. However, when you take into account the amount of information these tests provide and the personalized, practical advice provided by Assure, they appear to be quite the bargain.

The upcoming introduction of a supplement range does make us warier to recommend this company as we can't help but question their motives behind introducing this new product range. More detail below. 

The soon to be introduced Digestive Test does interest us greatly, however. Anyone who's suffered from gut or intestinal issues will vouch for how much difference getting a better understanding of your gut can make to your quality of life. If the results provide as much insight as Assure's other tests do then this could be a lifechanging test for many, many people. 

Vitamins, Antioxidants & Minerals Test, thoughts -

We have two very conflicting views about this test, with the negative side stemming entirely from Assure's upcoming Supplements launch. 

We have experienced vitamin deficiencies ourselves and would have loved to have access to a test like this. Trying to work out what you're deficient in is a long process and you find yourself feeling rubbish whilst you're going through all the trial and error. 

Taking a test like this could take months of experimenting out of this process, saving you a lot of time. Getting you feeling better a lot sooner. 

This is a test we would have recommended to everyone if Assure hadn't announced a range of supplements. Being able to get a Vitamins test (from a company unaffiliated with a supplement range) would make a huge difference to many of our lives, and help us feel better than we knew we could. 

Assure DNA Supplements, thoughts -

However, we do have huge hesitations about recommending a Vitamin deficiency test from a company that offers a range of supplements. This is a classic sales technique that supplement companies use to create a market for themselves. 

In our eyes, while offering a vitamin deficiency test and supplements may seem convenient for the user on the surface, it just ruins the authenticity of the tests offered. 

How can you trust a test like this when the company wants to sell you as many vitamins as possible. They may be recommending you supplements you don't need. This can be harmful to the body and it would be a huge waste of money for you. 

If you can find a company offering a test like this Vitamins, Antioxidants & Minerals test without their own supplement range, then we would definitely recommend taking it. But you might want to skip this test once the supplements have launched. 

Weight & Diet Test, thoughts -

There is a lot of money in the dieting industry and it's hard to tell whether this is just another useless product cashing-in on people's insecurities. We're also a little wary of the fact that this product is also pitched at people who are struggling to maintain weight. 

If you're interested in taking this test we would recommend discussing it with a dietician or doctor before doing so. 

In Assure's defence, a lot of their online reviews are for this test. With people claiming that the test really improved their lives.  

Skin & Healthy Aging Test, thoughts -

The beauty and skincare industry is a murky place at the best of times, and it really can be hard to work out who's telling you the truth and who's just trying to sell you an expensive face cream. It's an industry that keeps itself afloat by keeping its customers in the dark. 

A test like this comes some way to putting the power back into the hands of the consumer. Not only will it help you to improve the appearance of your skin, and more importantly its health naturally. But it will also give you a clear idea of what ingredients you should be looking for in your skincare, and what ingredients you can save money on by avoiding. 

If this is an area of your health than you're concerned about then taking this test could be a great option for you. At £99 for the test, you'll probably find yourself making that back in skincare savings in no time. 

Is this test a necessity? No, but for those who are interested in looking after their skin in long-term ways, it will be very useful. 

Estro Test, thoughts -

This test comes joint top of our list, alongside the Vitamins, Antioxidant & Minerals test. 

Is this test a necessity? In our opinion yes, people with ovaries will really benefit from a test like this whether they are experiencing symptoms of irregular oestrogen or not. Oestrogen can affect so many different parts of the body - including the skin, the heart and the brain. Low oestrogen can affect the body in many unexpected ways. 

Our opinion is the more you can understand vital components of your body - like vitamin levels, your gut, and oestrogen levels - the better. This understanding can help you to combat many health issues and improve your quality of life… which is never a bad thing!

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